ST1049 Three Painted Wood Opera Dolls

China, circa 1920.

Heights: 27cm, 10.5 inches. 26cm, 10 inches. 26cm, 10 inches.

Three elegantly carved and painted wooden opera dolls. Collected from a private English collection, the dolls consist of one male and two females, modelled in traditional embroidered attire. The fronts of each of the robes are embroidered with bright polychrome silks. The male is embroidered with a dragon and wears a fur-edged waistcoat along with a splendid moustache. One of the females is delicately decorated with an actor holding a lantern of a red robe with green sections. The other female is wearing an orange robe embroidered with a blue Peony flower.

Price: £350 each

Provenance: Private English collection.