G606 no. 503 Terracotta Buddhist Triptych

G606 no. 503 Terracotta Buddhist Triptych,

Gandhara, 3rd – 4th Century

H. (Seated Maitreya) 39 Cms, 15 ¼ Ins

H. (Standing Buddha) 54.5 Cms, 21 ½ Ins

H. (Standing Bodhisattva) 52 Cms, 20 ½ Ins

A terracotta triptych comprising a seated Maitreya (the Future Buddha) on a lotus pedestal, flanked by a pair of figures of a standing Buddha and a Bodhisattva.

For two stucco examples of the flanking figures see cat. nos. 305 and 335 in I. Kurita, Gandharan Art II: The World of the Buddha, Tokyo: Nigensha publishing, 2003. For a schist example of the seated figure, please see cat. no. 142 in Deborah E. Klimburg-Salter, Buddha in Indien, Vienna: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, 1995.

Note: All three figures have old repairs and restorations.

Reputedly from Spink and Son Ltd.

PROVENANCE: Private English collection.